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Title: Clark Kent for the Defense
AU/Fandom: Clark Kent, Esquire/Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: Mature (at least)
Summary: Attorney Clark Kent is drawn back into the life of his former mentor, Lex Luthor, when Lex asks Clark to defend socialite Lana Lang when she is charged with murdering Lex's ex-lover, Jason Teague's mother, Genevieve Teague. Clark finds this murder case may be related to his own mysterious past.

William examined the file folder Clark and Chloe had provided.

"How can that be? Chloe's research indicates that this so-called 'Stone of Flight' was found in China four hundred years ago. How can it be -- of the same origin?" William chose his words carefully.

"The symbol on the face of the stone is the same as one of the markings on the artifact Mom found with me. The two other stones Lillian displayed at the Gala were similarly marked and they aren't from the same time period. The exhibition has become part of the murder investigation."

"Then you'll have access to them?"

Clark shook his head. "Forensic reports only while the police investigate how the stone was removed from the exhibit."

"Ms. Lang may not have had access to the murder weapon? That should help your case."

"Or she may have been involved in a plot to take the stones from Lillian Luthor. That would give her motive."

"What evidence do the police have that there was such a plot?" William got up and crossed the office and opened a cabinet in the built in bookcases revealing a small wet bar. He held up a decanter of scotch, silently offering it to Clark. Clark shook his head negatively, but didn't object to William pouring a glass for himself.

"I'm not sure what the police know, but Chloe managed to dig up information that proves that Genevieve Teague and Lionel Luthor originally worked together to acquire the stones before Lionel was convicted of murder. Genevieve recently offered Lillian a great deal of money for the stones, but Lillian refused to sell."

"What's Ms. Lang's connection to all of this?" William stood at his window with his scotch.

"When I find that out, I'll know whether or not my client is guilty."

"I thought you only took on innocent clients," William remarked slyly.

"Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, Grandfather. And either way, everyone is entitled to the best defense available." Clark sighed disapprovingly.

"I know. I know," William agreed. "I just wish that we knew how these stones were related to your own past. Other than the artifact we recovered with you, there was just nothing left of the -- the -- vehicle but molten slag. Martha and I were surprised that you had survived the crash."

"My -- unique heritage saved me. Mom said there wasn't a scratch on me."

"It seems there is more to your heritage than we imagined. I just never imagined that some of those tales about the chariots of the gods might be about my own grandson's ancestors," William laughed and saluted Clark with his glass.

Clark rolled his eyes. "Maybe I'll ask Lex what he knows about the stones when I take his deposition."

William raised an eyebrow. "You're questioning Lex Luthor? I thought he asked you to represent Ms. Lang?"

"That doesn't exclude him from my witness list. He saw Genevieve Teague argue with her son and his fiancee."

"Truthfully, son, how does this case look?"

"About fifty-fifty at the moment. There's something not quite right about this whole story."

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