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Title: Clark Kent for the Defense
AU/Fandom: Clark Kent, Esquire/Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: Mature (at least)
Summary: Attorney Clark Kent is drawn back into the life of his former mentor, Lex Luthor, when Lex asks Clark to defend socialite Lana Lang when she is charged with murdering Lex's ex-lover, Jason Teague's mother, Genevieve Teague. Clark finds this murder case may be related to his own mysterious past.

Lex found his mother in her office at LuthorCorp. Lex strode right past the secretary guarding Lillian's office door. Lex wasn't surprised to find her in conference with the editor of the Daily Planet, Perry White.

"Perry, I don't want Lex's name mentioned in connection with Jason Teague or this murder. I don't care what your contacts at the police station are saying was used as a murder weapon. Lex's relationship with Jason ended years ago. There is nothing but business and social obligations between the Teagues and the Luthors now." Lillian's eyes dared Lex to contradict her. "Lex, I'm glad you could join us."Lillian didn't miss a beat as she acknowledged Lex's presence.

"I wouldn't miss this meeting for the world," he replied as he took a seat beside Perry.

"I can't promise that my reporters won't make connections between Jason and Lex. How will you explain Lana Lang being in possession of the Stone of Flight?"

"Technically, Ms. Lang wasn't in possession of the stone. It was found embedded in Ms. Teague's body," Lex pointed out. "One might ask how she came to possess it since that stone was locked in a display case at the Haldorf Hotel as part of the Charity Gala exhibit."

"Are you insinuating that Genevieve Teague was involved in some sort of robbery at Gala and that the murder is somehow connected?"

"I'm not suggesting anything, Perry. I'm only asking how Genevieve and the stone ended up together."

"Lex, this idle speculation is not going to keep you out of the headlines. If Genevieve or Lana Lang is suspected of theft, you will be implicated even more. You were in charge of security for the artifacts on display," Lillian reminded Lex.

"I'm not worried about the spotlight, Mother, but you should be. I can account for every moment of my time with the stones. Can you?"

"Don't be absurd, Lex. Perry, I think that we've covered everything." Lillian tried to dismiss the editor.

"No, Perry, stay a little longer," Lex stopped Perry's attempt to flee from the mother and son argument.

"What involvement could I possibly have in this case?" Lillian asked.

"You are the only person who had the complete plan for the stones other than the head of the security team and me."

"Are you accusing me of something, Lex?"

"Not at all, Mother. I'm just pointing out that there is no doubt that Lana Lang or Genevieve Teague could have taken the stone without inside help. The best thing we can do is remind the public that there was a close personal relationship between the Teagues and the Luthors as well as business ties. It wouldn't do for us to look like we're hiding anything. If we make any statement at all, it will be that we are co-operating fully with the police investigation and supporting our friends at this time."


Assistant District Attorney Pete Ross slapped a copy of the Metropolis Legal Times down on his boss' desk.

"Hank, you have to let me handle this case," he begged.

Henry Davenport looked over his reading glasses at Pete and frowned. "Don't you think that you are taking this a bit personally?"

"You have to admit that this case is the sort of that could make an attorney's career."

"Or break it. Kent doesn't lose."

"There's a first time for everything."

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