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Title: Clark Kent for the Defense
AU/Fandom: Clark Kent, Esquire/Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: Mature (at least)
Summary: Attorney Clark Kent is drawn back into the life of his former mentor, Lex Luthor, when Lex asks Clark to defend socialite Lana Lang when she is charged with murdering Lex's ex-lover, Jason Teague's mother, Genevieve Teague. Clark finds this murder case may be related to his own mysterious past.

Lillian Luthor prided herself on her reputation as a philanthropist in an age when corporate money more often than not stood for greed and corruption. Her favorite cause was Metropolis Children's Charities. It gave Lillian great satisfaction to underwrite the annual gala and fund raiser. As she left her limousine, walked passed the guardian lions and entered the Metropolis Haldorf Hotel escorted by her sons Lex and Julian, Lillian was certain that this was going to be a night to remember.

The Grand Ballroom of the hotel was filled with the glitterati of Metropolis society, the cream of financial world and several Hollywood celebrities who were supporting the Gala's twenty-fifth anniversary. Everywhere the press was snapping photos of women in fabulous gowns and men in tuxedos. Everyone who was anyone was at the Gala.


"Your mother has outdone herself with this year's Gala. I can't believe that she convinced Bruce Wayne to be her co-sponsor. The donors will be coming out of the woodwork! I just wish she'd served vintage French champagne." Victoria Hardwick grimaced at the taste of the sparkling wine in her glass.

Lex Luthor knew Victoria wasn't that much of a wine connoisseur, she just knew what brand was being served and wasn't impressed by the label. She didn't care that the winery had won awards. It wasn't a real French name.

"Not up to your standards?" Lex mocked Victoria after savoring a sip of the excellent wine. "Mother isn't about to serve wine that costs more than the services her charity is meant to support." Victoria was still the same menace she had been when they were in neighboring boarding schools. How someone so shallow could be such a good fund raiser was beyond Lex.

"Lex, don't be so grouchy. Why don't you mingle? I have to charm more donations out of Lillian's guests. I'm sure you need to network as well." Victoria waved him away. She was already sizing up the crowd, choosing who to approach first. Lex had no doubt that many wallets would be much lighter by the end of the evening.

"How kind of you to think of my work," Lex drawled.

"Why you ever became a lawyer when you could be running LuthorCorp, I'll never know."

"It's not as if I'm working as an associate at just any firm, Victoria. Luthor, LLC is the largest firm in the city, on its way to being one of the top firms in the nation. I have no interest in running LuthorCorp. That's Julian's dream. I have other goals."

"Politics -- if rumors are to be believed? Or do you still have your eye on Jason Teague? I thought you two had broken up now that he was engaged to that pretty young thing. What was her name? Lana Lang?" Victoria raised one dark eyebrow questioningly.

Lex only acknowledged her probing comments with an unwavering stare.

"If you aren't going to satisfy my curiosity, just go!"

Lex was glad she had no patience for playing with his head tonight. She had bigger fish to fry.

"If Mother asks, you dismissed me."

Victoria smiled reminding Lex of a shark after prey. "Of course."

Lex made his escape and made a beeline for the bar in the adjacent East Ballroom. Champagne was all well and good, but he preferred scotch.


The last person Lex wanted to run into was Genevieve Teague. The beautiful socialite was dressed in a brilliant red gown that displayed her assets in a way that belied her age.

"Lex." His name was spoken coldly.

"Genevieve!" He took her hands and kissed her cheeks as if he were happy to see her. It gratified him that she stiffened in outrage, but contained her anger. "I understand that congratulations are in order. I've heard that Jason is engaged." Lex put on the mask he used when cross examining difficult witnesses.

Somehow Genevieve managed to contain the shock she felt Lex's statement.

"Jason's engagement hasn't been formally announced," she managed.

"Don't you approve of Miss Lang?" Lex probed.

Genevieve's eyes narrowed. "Don't you have some sort of business partnership with Lana Lang?" She countered.

"Just a small coffee shop out in the middle of nowhere, Genevieve. Miss Lang is such a talented young woman. I heard that she studied art in Paris. Is that where she and Jason met? He's been there on Teague company business recently according to your press releases. I think Lana will make Jason an excellent wife."

"What's this about wives?"

Lex turned to find Jason Teague with Lana Lang on his arm. His blond, all-American good looks were a perfect foil for her more exotic flair. Lex could see what Genevieve might fear in Lana. It was the classic case of the wicked queen fearing the beauty of Snow White. Though Lex never thought to see Snow White in a black ball gown that exposed her tattooed back nearly to her ass.

"Mother, I'd wondered if you were attending this evening. Lex! How are you this evening?" Jason offered his hand.

"I'm doing well. You look lovely, Lana. Isn't she just a bit young for you, Jason?" Lex asked Jason.

"Of course, I'm here. You were supposed to be my escort, not hers." Genevieve butted in not bothering to hide her displeasure at seeing Jason with Lana.

"I told you that I would be bringing my fiancee."

"You are not marrying that bitch." Genevieve spat.

Lana pulled away from Jason.

"I'm afraid I am. There's nothing you can do to stop it."

"We'll see about that. You still rely on your father and me for an income." Genevieve swept away from them and out of the ballroom.

"Mother. I'll be back," Jason promised Lana before following his mother out of the ballroom.

"Are you sure you want to marry into that family?" Lex asked Lana.

"Don't try to make trouble, Lex. I know about you and Jason." Lana followed Jason out of the ballroom. So, Snow White had claws.

Lex continued his interrupted journey to the bar. He smiled crookedly at the bartender. "Scotch, please, and make it a double. I'm having a rough evening."

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