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Title: Negotiations
AU/Fandom: We Ought Not Die/Smallville
Pairing/Characters: Clark, Connor (hints of Connor/Tim)
Rating: Mature (at least)
Summary: Post Thanksgiving Dinner, photo albums and blackmail

Negotiations --250 words )
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Lex sat in the large rocking chair Clark had chosen for the nursery gently rocking Connor after his two a.m. feeding. Conner was kicking his pajama clad feet happily.

"You should be asleep young man. We have a busy schedule in the morning. Your mama has a meeting with his publisher and we are spending the morning dazzling my staff at LexCorp with our brilliance."

Conner screwed up his face, but he didn't cry.Read more... )
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All that was missing, Chloe thought, were the cameras and a director to yell "Action!" and she was sure that Roland had cameras hidden somewhere in the small private "clinic" where she was "having Clark's baby." Considering how real everything looked, Lex must have given Roland a blank check.

"Would you please stop pacing? I'm getting dizzy." Chloe complained to Wally who was moving rather rapidly back and forth across the room talking on his JLU communicator.

"Sorry," he shrugged and sat down in the chair by her side trying to avoid all of the special equipment. "Clark and Lex's plane just touched down at the airport."

Chloe grimaced. She shifted on the bed, trying to get comfortable with the weight of the massive special effect molded to her body.

"What's wrong?" Wally frowned.Read more... )
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Lois couldn't stop thinking about the confrontation she'd had with Lex, Clark and his German henchwoman in Smallville, even as she tried to shop for the basic necessities. She pushed the grocery cart around the store in auto-pilot mode

Now that she was back on the city desk in Metropolis where she belonged, Lois intended to get to the bottom of why Clark Kent had defected to Lex Luthor's camp and what the two of them were plotting in Smallville. She didn't believe their wild story about settling down to start a family for a minute.

She pushed her cart up to the check-out and waited. A photograph of Lex and Clark in one of the tabloids in the impulse buy racks caught her eye.

"Is the Luthor-Kent marriage in trouble? Is Clark's old flame having his love child?" read the lurid headline.

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