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Lex sat in the large rocking chair Clark had chosen for the nursery gently rocking Connor after his two a.m. feeding. Conner was kicking his pajama clad feet happily.

"You should be asleep young man. We have a busy schedule in the morning. Your mama has a meeting with his publisher and we are spending the morning dazzling my staff at LexCorp with our brilliance."

Conner screwed up his face, but he didn't cry.

"You don't want to see my office and show off to the secretarial pool? Pretty professional women with brains and the occasional sexy young man that can barely compete? They will all be tripping over themselves to fawn over you and to curry favor with me."

That was definitely a frown.

"Just because I'm married to your mama and we have you doesn't mean that I'm unaware of who works for me. I'm not stupid enough to cheat on Clark."

Connor's face cleared.

"Your mama would be so disappointed in me, but Grandma Martha and Aunty Helga would kick my ass from here to Gotham City."

Connor chuckled.

"Has your mama told you how we met?"

Connor's expression changed to rapt interest.

"I was driving my Porsche way too fast down Highway 15 on my way to the mansion in Smallville. I was about to cross the Loeb bridge when this truck dumped a load of bailing twine in the middle of the road. I swerved to miss it, lost control of the car and careened off the bride. Unfortunately, your mama was standing right where I need to go off the bridge."

Connor gurgled in alarm.

"Yes, I ran right through the guard rail, knocking your mama into the water with me. Don't worry. He wasn't hurt at all. Scared him to death, mind you, because your mama didn't know that he was an alien with super powers back then. He dove under the water, peeled the top of my car like a sardine can and pulled me to safety."

Connor smacked at Lex's hand.

"Of course, that wasn't all. He gave me CPR and breathed life back into me. If was our first kiss."

Connor frowned.

"Well, it was. I had to wait years before I could really kiss your Mama. He was only fifteen years old, Connor!"

Connor's little arms appeared to cross on his chest.

"But how was I to know that Kryptonians reach their full maturity at sixteen? Earthlings aren't even legal at in some states at that age. I could have gone to jail if I'd pursued him before he turned eighteen."

Connor didn't look convinced.

"No wonder he was so confused. He'd marked me as his mate from the first day we met and I kept pushing him away for all those women who reminded me of him."

Connor burped loudly in disgust.

"You said it. At least your Grandma finally had enough sense to stop us from fighting each other and make us work things out. Now don't you think it's time you got some sleep?"

Connor yawned and closed his eyes. Lex chuckled.

Clark slipped into the nursery and kissed Lex on the head.

"It sounded like you and Connor were having a good talk. He doesn't let you give him excuses does he? Can you imagine what he's going to be like when he's a teenager?"

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